Subject, Verb, Complete Sentences

Conjunctions & Prepositions

Dependent & Independent Clauses/Phrases


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Verbs are words that follow the subject. 
Their most basic tenses are  present, past, future, and progressive.   
When used in a phrase, it is called a predicate. 
A verb answers the question “What is the subject doing?”

Present:  work, sweat, act

Past:  worked, sweated, acted

Future:  will work, will sweat, will act

Progressive:  is working, had been working, will be working

When using the progressive tense, you always include the helping verbs at the beginning of the verb.


I sweat when I work.

I sweated when I worked.

I will work even though I will sweat.

I had been working.

Notice that the verb always follows the subject “I”.