Have you ever wanted to write your life story or the story of your family? Are you confused about what a memoir is and how it is written? My focus is on Memoir, Autobiography, and Creative Nonfiction. I have the answers that you seek.

Are you in the middle of doing a writing project and unsure of where to go next? Do you feel that you could do better, but don’t know how to improve? Are you overwhelmed? Whatever you’re feeling or thinking right now, I can help. My focus is on you as a human being first, and a writer second.

The genres I work with are:

Creative Nonfiction
Autobiographical Research
Spiritual Memoir

In addition, I am computer savvy and can help you with placing your graphics/images where you would like them to be on the page as well as helping you use the current software you have on your computer to do the job.

Are you interested in self-publishing? I can help you to use Create Space (Amazon) and get your book out there for people to see.
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and find out why my clients think of me first, as a caring human being helping another human being to realize his/her full potential, and second, a writing coach.