About Me

Cara SummerfieldI am Cara Summerfield. A writer, a
teacher, and a lover of all animals. My
strong intuition, creativity, and caring are my tools for creating relationships with those I work with whether it be one on one or in a class room environment.

By remaining focused on you and your needs, we work together as a team to get you where you want to be. I also have strong beliefs about money and the state of the world.  Therefore, I strongly believe by focusing less on the dollar and more on the power of the human being, I am changing my world for the good.

My professional background includes teaching College Composition, facilitating writing workshops and courses through Lakewood Cultural Center, writing and publishing a Southern memoir, writing a short script that was requested by the director of ShowTime’s Women: Stories of Passion, and numerous manuscripts of poetry, short stories, and essays.  I am currently working on a Spiritual Memoir that takes my viewer from my time in my mother’s womb to my current beliefs on God.

I have been in school for far too many years!  My B.A. was in English Writing.  Having taught and done web design for a good many years,  I returned to school to earn an M.Ed. in Instructional Technology.  When discovering that the M.Ed. would not help me in teaching college comp, I returned to school to earn my second masters in Creative Writing and Composition/Rhetoric.  Having allowed life to get in my writing path, I recently decided to return to school to earn my MFA in Creative Writing and no longer teach for a living.  No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to get away from writing!

I currently live in Colorado and, one day, I hope to make my personal residence back in my original home – the South.  I have my eyes set on the Georgia mountains.  It is here where I will continue to write and say what I must while enjoying the mysteries of life surrounded by both domestic and wild non-human animals.

Although I have these dreams, my present goal is to help you, as a writer, feel comfortable with your writing so that you boldly show your work out into the world so that you can begin to live your highest potential.