My belief is if I want the world to change, I  must live my life in the way I wish to see the world change.  One way I do this is by offering affordable pricing.  For this reason, I offer scholarships for those who have a low income or other life conditions that are overly challenging.  My pricing includes coaching you in your writing process in single sessions and packages that meet your needs.  We can work together in person, by telephone, and on Skype.  My services include:

  • coaching through the writing process
  • providing valuable feedback and suggestions about your writing
  • editing your manuscript
  • guidance with self-publishing using Create Space (Amazon)
  • assistance with computer programs.   These programs include MS Word, PowerPoint, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver.  Feel free to ask me if I am familiar with others and if I can, I will work with you to get you up to speed.
  • editing of images, charts, and graphs. You will be included in this process so that you can learn how to do it yourself.

A critique of your writing begins at $500.  This fee can be paid half in advance and half on the return of your manuscript to you (there will be an additional  charge for manuscripts over 80,000 words). I will read through your whole manuscript and provide you with detailed feedback that supports your confidence about what I see in your work.  If you agree with my feedback and want to proceed, I can function as a writing coach or as an editor.

Free telephone consultation – This is done to determine what your needs are.  Then we will create a coaching plan to help you through your writing process.

Single Sessions – $60/hr  (This time includes review of your manuscript. If it is a longer manuscript and takes more than 20 minutes, an additional charge will apply.)

Coaching Packages

Service includes working with you on developing a title, characters, story line, as well as finding your voice.  I will also provide feedback on your writing to keep you moving.  This package is tailored to fit your needs.

3 one hour sessions within a 30 day period – $165

6 one hour sessions within a 30 day period – $330

12 one hour sessions within a 60 day period – $660

With any of these packages, additional reading, critique and email exchanges extending past  the package sessions are available upon request, and will be charged at $60/hour.

Editing Services

1 – 49 text pages – $100.00

50 – 75  text pages – $200.00

76 – 150  text pages – $350.00

151 – 250 text pages – $500.00

251 – 300 – $750.00

If your manuscript is longer than 300 pages, my fee is $850.00.

If you have special requests, please feel free to tell me about them and we can work together to see how we can make them mutually beneficial.

If you must reschedule, 24-hour notice is required. Missed sessions must be made up during that same calendar month or be forfeited.

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