Shutting Down Your Computer and Logging Off As User


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When turning off the computer, you must always log off. This is especially important at Red Rocks because there are other instructors and students who will be using the computers. If you do not log off, without your password, the next user will not be able to use the computer. The other problem that can occur in with the operating system. Without a properly functioning operating system, a computer is totally worthless.

It is imperative that you log off and shut down the operating system before turning off the computer.

1. Close out of all programs you're in.

2. If you are only going to log off , then go to your "Start" button at the bottom left of your screen; Click on "Log Off". This will log the current user off.

3. If you are turning the computer off, go to "Start" and click "Shut Down".

Start Bar in Windows XP