Diagnosing Your Cultural Intelligence

Cara Summerfield
Denver, CO


Diagnosing Your Cultural Intelligence
Earley, C.P. & Mosakowski, E. (Oct. 2004) Cultural Intelligence, Harvard Business Review p. 143

Your cultural intelligence (CQ) is your ability to respond appropriately in diverse cultures. People tend to react to situations rather than respond to situations. When you react, you are not thinking and are only attached to your feelings and beliefs. When this happens, faulty communications will occur. However, when you respond, you are critically thinking about what is happening and what action would be appropriate for the situation. Much like an IQ test to determine where your intelligence level ranks, the following diagnosis tool will give you a general idea of where your cultural intelligence ranks. After receiving your scores, go to the Forum and post your scores. This will be helpful to you and others as you compare scores.

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The following statements reflect the different aspects of cultural intelligence.
Rate the statements by using the following scale and enter the number in the boxes below:

1 = strongly disagree, 2 = disagree, 3 = neutral, 4 = agree, 5 = strongly agree

An average of 3 or less indicates that improvement is needed.

An average greater than 4.5 indicates strength in that particular area.

My entry

My entry

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My entry

Before I interact with people from a different culture, I ask myself what I hope to achieve.

If I encounter something unexpected while working in a new culture, I use this experience to figure out new ways to approach other cultures in the future.

I plan how I'm going to relate to people from a different culture before I meet them.

When I come into a a new cultural situation, I can immediately sense whether something is going right or something is wrong.

÷ 4 = Your Cognitive CQ is your capacity for awareness of your own ideas and thoughts, of the cognitive flow in general

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My entry

My entry

It's easy for me to change my body language (for example, eye contact or posture) to suit people from a different culture.

I can alter my expression when a cultural encounter requires it.

I modify my speech style (for example, accent or tone) to suit people from a different culture.

I easily change the way I act when a cross-cultural encounter seems to require it.

÷ 4 = Your Physical CQ is your capacity for awareness of your body and of the actual elements of the environment.

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My entry

My entry

My entry

I have confidence that I can deal well with people from a different culture.

I am certain that I can befriend people whose cultural backgrounds are different from mine.

I can adapt to the lifestyle of a different culture with relative ease.

I am confident that I can deal with a cultural situation that is unfamiliar.

÷ 4 = Your Emotional/Motivational CQ is your capacity for awareness of your emotions and feelings and their development and interactions.

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