Intercultural Sensitivity Training

Cara Summerfield
Denver, CO

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Welcome to Intercultural Sensitivity Training

This online course is to help you become more sensitive to your own and other cultural values which can help you in communicating with others. It also helps you to diagnose your cultural intelligence (CQ), your ability to respond appropriately with diverse cultures.

There are two ways for navigating the course: 1) Navigation bar on the left and 2) Bottom of the page that has a clickable arrow. To begin, click on Instructions and familiarize yourself with the course's sequence. Follow the pages in order for you to comfortably learn the material. After this training, you will be able to:

  1. Identify different cultural values
  2. Identify your own values
  3. Interact with different cultures comfortably

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If at any time, you have questions or need to communicate with the trainer, feel free to call 720.345.7379 or email your trainer and she will respond to you ASAP.

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