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Cara Summerfield
Denver, CO

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Questions & Answers

Cultural Intelligence Diagnosis

Cultural Dimensions


What Have You Learned?

Self Study

Assessment 2

Cultural Identity Game

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Begin Here

To begin, you will want to sign up for the Forum so that you can share your insights with other learners in this course. Communication with others is a great opportunity to explore your feelings and thoughts about culture and values. In addition, you might want to keep a journal to use for your private feelings and thoughts. Those who use these tools have discovered that it helps them to clarify their own values. You are also provided with a list of reference sites and books which you can use to enhance your cultural learning.

The recommended sequence for effective learning in this course is to:

1. Review the Glossary. You will find terms that may be unfamiliar or may have a different definition than what you are familiar with and it will provide you a foundation for the rest of this course.

2. Read through the Questions & Answers. You will gain understanding as to why cultural sensitivity is so important.

3. Click on Cultural Intelligence Diagnosis and discover your cultural intelligence ranking.

4. Review the Cultural Dimensions. These dimensions are based upon cultural values and will be used throughout this course.

5. Go to What Have You Learned? and test your understanding of cultural dimensions.

6. Begin your Self-Study. This exercise, based upon rankings that you put in, provides you with the cultural dimensions that you operate in.

7. After becoming more aware of who you are, go to Assessment 2 and see how well you are able to recognize diverse cultural values by reviewing situations in foreign countries.

8. The Cultural Identity Game gives you a chance to test yourself on how much you understand about culture and cultural values.

For assistance, please contact your trainer through email or phone.


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