Subject, Verb, Complete Sentences

Conjunctions & Prepositions

Dependent & Independent Clauses/Phrases


A subject is what the sentence is focused on.  It can be a noun, pronoun, or a gerund. 
It answers the question, “Who or What.”

Noun – Person, place, or thing -   Mildred, Denver, pub

Common subject pronouns – I, you, he, she, we, they, it

Gerund – Listening, running, drinking, loving (By taking the present tense verb and adding an “ing” at the end, you create a subject of a sentence when used at the beginning of the sentence.)


1. Mildred is sprawled out on the couch

2. Denver is located in Colorado

3. Drinking in a pub is Mildred’s favorite past time.

Notice how  the subject is directly before the action (verb).

“Here” and “There” are not subjects.  “Here” and “There” are prepositions (Will be discussed in Module 2). 

For example:

“Here is your assignment”.  By switching the sentence around, it is easier to find the subject and verb. 

“Your assignment is here”.  What is the subject?