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Applying Headers and Footers

When having to do a paper which is 2+ pages long, it is easier to insert headers and footers for reoccuring information, such as name, page number, date, etc. The steps to create headers and footers are:

1. Click on "Insert"
2. Go to "Header and Footer"
3. Click on "Header/Footer"
4. Choose style of Header/Footer
5. Type text you need in your Header/Footer
6. Click on "Close Header and Footer"

A couple of other common options are setting the Date and Time, inserting images, or where you want your footer to appear. You can experiment with some of the other options to give your paper a little pizzazz.



Inserting Images on Slides in PowerPoint

Inserting images in slides takes different steps depending on the image you wish to use. In PowerPoint, you can use MS Office clipart or your own images. For the purpose of this training, we will be using an image off of the clipart library.

Click on "Insert"; then "Illustrations". You will then have options to insert clipart,
picture, photo albums, shapes, smart art, and charts.

1. If choosing clipart, you will see this window open on the far right side of your screen. To see the clipart, you will need to type in what type of image you are looking for. This could be nature, animals, people, etc. When you see the image you want, click on it and it will appear on your slide.

2. If choosing picture, you will see this window open. Go to where your picture is located, click on file, and then click insert.