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Beginning a New Slide Show Presentation

When preparing a slide presentation, you must remember that it is only a presentation and not to be used as a dissertation.

Tips for creating great presentations:

  • Limit each slide to 3 - 6 bullet points and 3 - 6 words in each point.
  • These bullet points can be thought of as reminder points for you to talk about.
  • Use colors that are engaging and not distracting.
  • Limit the use of animations.

The less text used on a slide, the better the presentation. Always remember, the key to good presentations is keeping your audience engaged with the information you are delivering.

To start your slide show, you must create a new slide.

When you click on New Slide a window will pop up which provides you with different layouts you can choose from.

Once you choose your layout, your workspace will have your layout appear. You can either use the boxes or delete them and insert your own textbox or image.